Areas of expertise

Fire protection

Emutec GmbH has the certified competence in the field of preventive and technical fire protection.

The reasoning behind the extension of our core expertise to this field is its growing importance in the complexity of construction projects. This applies  to the planning of new buildings ,especially during renovations, structural extension or changes of use in existing buildings with and without the monument protection requirements.

Following are a comprehensive scope of services:

  • Creation and update of fire protection concepts
  • Portfolio analyses and fire protection technology reviews (e.g. compartmentalized fire cladding, Schott system )
  • Fire safety advice in the field of preventive and technical fire protection
  • Fire simulation (box models fire dynamics simulator, FDS) and evacuation simulation (collaboration with area flow simulation)
  • Evaluation and analysis of fire and evacuation simulation
  • Development of special solutions as the basis for agreements in individual cases
  • Creation of escape and rescue route plans according to ISO 23601:2009
  • Creation of fire plans according to DIN 14095

For the valuation of the stock, extensive inventories are inevitable (inventory analysis). After this follows an assessment of stock within the framework of a fire protection technical assessment (Compartmentalized fire cladding, Schott system) is performed by comparing the actual and the target state. Especially for the technical upgrading of fire protection in the inventory, standard solutions are out of the question. Development of customised specialty solutions are required.

Deviations from technical standard solutions can lead to the use of non-regulated construction products or a non-regulated design. Under certain circumstances, this can entail the requirement of an approval (ZiE) in certain cases. We can develop specialty technical solutions which can be put into use as a basis for acquiring an approval in this case.

If technical solutions are not feasible for building – or constructive reasons, the development of architectural design proposals are required. These specially developed concepts drawn up by us can be used as well as the technical solutions proposed as a basis for an agreement in such a case.