Areas of expertise

Power measurement


In the business field of network calculation, we deal with the creation and continuous maintenance of energy network simulations in the field of electrical energy distribution. Our customers operate mostly properties with several buildings with their own distribution network, and also in part individual large building complexes. Depending on the type and size of the property, these range from the low voltage to the medium and high voltage level.


Well placed for the future: high security of supply through network simulation.

A power calculation is necessary when new networks are created or certain installations as well as consumers must be integrated into existing networks. A reliable assessment of the utilization of the network due to the insufficient data situation is often not possible in existing networks. The structures growing over the years have been documented mostly
only schematically and were considered computationally possible only in parts for renovations. As a result, the supply security could be compromised. To avoid this, we design a simulation of the entire network by means of an extensive inventory, documentation evaluation and various measurement analyses. Here, all components are represented and produced across manufacturers with their technical data (such as settings of the circuit-breaker). In this way, a clear representation of the entire network structure – from medium  to high-voltage level on the transformers to the distribution of the low-voltage level- is created.

The simulations used following calculations as a basis:

  • Load flow analysis: resources utilization, and voltage drop analysis
  • Short circuit current calculation in accordance with DIN VDE 0102: short circuit withstand current, and circuit protection test
  • Selectivity calculations and certificates (Across manufacturers, for example, according to DIN VDE 0100-710 and – 718)

In terms of increasing decentralised energy supply and later with the reissue of AMEV ELT 2015, on which public and private builders orientate themselves, a greater importance therefore applies to calculating power. Beyond the need for a calculation, but not least, the selectivity exam for networks of the general power supply has become an express recommendation of AMEV.

Power integrations of new systems, decentralized feed or use changes will be much easier using an existing simulation. We at emutec, can already fully evaluate feasibility with our technical expertise in the early stages of planning, and take into consideration the network in its entirety.

Interesting fact: Through high commitment in this area, our network calculation team won the German E-Planner-Prize in 2015!