Delegates travelled In early November delegates to Iran with representatives in business and politics (see news item 11.11.2016). Below a short summary and review by Stefan Herde, who represented emutec® on this trip.

„The trip to Iran was a great success for  emutec® GmbH in many ways. By participating in the trade mission, we could  build our first contacts with industry representatives in Iran and identify synergies within the group of participants, as well as make interesting contacts for possible projects in Northern Germany.


In addition to many joint meetings with local construction companies, banks and state development functions, we were able to make contacts with Iranian company representatives at a cooperation forum. Our broad-based reference projects were of great interest to our interlocutors who also showed great enthusiasm for the planning of a new international airport in Tehran, as well as the construction of new hospitals. In Iran, an energy rich country, there is also great interest in the expansion of renewable energies since the general conditions for the development of wind and solar energy are ideal. The increasing environmental pollution can also be significantly curbed by the use of fossil fuels.


This country has a very versatile potential with regard to the development of business and emutec® GmbH is very interested in engaging in building the infrastructure with its expertise and experience in cooperation with other German companies.


We will maintain contact within the delegation and continue discussions in collaboration with the Ministry of economy in Schleswig-Holstein and the city of Hamburg, and together examine the possibilities for our further involvement in Iran.

It remains exciting!“