27. November 2020


emutec GmbH follows the invitation of the German-Singaporean Chamber of Industry and Commerce for an “Online AHK Business Trip” to Singapore on the topic: Energy Efficiency in Industry

The event is organized by the Export Initiative Energy of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) and will take place online from 28.09 to 01.10.2020.

The global commitment to a profound reduction of CO2 emissions has triggered a worldwide trend towards reducing energy consumption and increasing the use of renewable energy. Singapore has set itself the goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 36% by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. Energy efficiency in industry is an important part of the national sustainability agenda to address the long-term challenges of climate change and global warming.

Together with 7 other companies from Germany, emutec will participate in various events, present general current developments from Germany itself, and in particular, together with its technology partner Enjay AB from Sweden, present the current innovation project for “heat recovery in food processing”.

The aim is to maintain and further expand the existing international network of scientific institutes and potential industrial partners and to actively look for further business opportunities in the field of “innovation”. Beyond the European markets, the South-East Asian market and the possible presence in Singapore offer a very interesting positioning in international business development.