Emutec GmbH and ENJAY AB signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) focusing on the common development, design and implementation of a new ventilation system to recover waste energy and to improve the energy-efficiency in restaurants, hotels, canteens or other cooking operation.

The Swedish start-up company ENJAY AB has developed a new technical solution, which can make use of waste-energy arriving from any cooking operation in order to support the supply of required heating and/or cooling needs of the building. The patented solution includes an automatic cleaning of the filtering system and can provide a positive ROI between 2 and years, depending on local energy-price conditions and demand for heating and cooling in the building. This technology improves the energy-efficiency, reduces the output of CO2 and achieves the highest overall profitability, when the constant and stable demand for heating and cooling can be covered by using the available waste heat in combination with a heat-pump.

Typical application can be seen in the system catering (i.e. fast food companies), hotels, restaurants, cruise liners, hospitals and company canteens and similar operations.
ENJAY AB has successfully implemented the customized solution for Burger King in Scandinavia and is now developing their business into the DACH-Region (Deutschland, Austria, CH = Switzerland).
Emutec GmbH and ENJAY AB have reached a common understanding (MoU) on joint business developments and both companies will start with some pilot-projects and test-installation in the DACH Region.

If you have interest to start a pilot-project together with emutec GmbH and ENJAY AB or you want to have in general more information about this technology, please contact: Stefan Herde

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