28. April 2020

emutec GmbH and BeeBryte connecting building automation technology and artificial intelligence

The German engineering company emutec GmbH and French-Singaporean energy Intelligence & automation company BeeBryte are exploring a possible partnership in Germany to improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings & factories and to optimize the integrated use of renewable energy for heating, cooling and e-mobility.

BeeBryte is using artificial intelligence and IoT to get commercial buildings and factories to consume electricity in a smarter, more efficient and cheaper way while reducing carbon footprint. BeeBryte is generating up to 40% savings on utility bills with automated control of heating-cooling and refrigeration equipment (e.g. HVAC-R), batteries and EV charging points. The company sells an optimization service to B2B customers and offers an end-to-end solution with a Software-as-a-Service together with a 4G IoT Gateway that BeeBryte connects to the building management system (BMS) to control equipment in real-time. There is no upfront cost for the clients and revenue model is based on shared savings. By anticipating changes in weather conditions, building occupancy and business activity thanks to AI, its software continually adjusts the HVAC-R equipment setpoints not only to run the process in a more efficient way but also to extract additional value like power-peak shaving, grid services (e.g. demand-response) and price arbitrage if the customer is exposed to variable electricity rates. In addition to cost savings, the solution delivers better temperature management and improves occupants’ experience.

emutec GmbH is an innovative engineering company that operates under the umbrella of emutec GROUP as a general planner in the field of technical building equipment and energy technology. With more than 200 employees and operating from 8 branches with the Headquarter located in Hamburg-Norderstedt, the entire range of technical disciplines is covered internally. Actual focus is given to “smart & green solutions”, which can contribute to improve the energy efficiency in all type of buildings and to reduce the consumption of carbon dioxide.

BeeBryte and emutec have just signed a MoU to jointly develop a few pilot projects in Germany and test how they could combine their expertise to optimize energy consumption and production, when generating heating, cooling or providing electricity for EV charging points connected to buildings.

For further information, please contact:
BeeBryte: www.beebryte.com
Manon Dirand, Head of Sales, Lyon – France, Manon.Dirand@BeeBryte.com

Emutec: www.emutec.de/en
Marcus Ebeling, AI – Project- Manager, Stuttgart – Germany, Marcus.Ebeling@emutec.de
Stefan Herde, Head of Innovation, Norderstedt–Germany, Stefan.Herde@emutec.de