The German- Singaporean Industry and chamber of commerce organized a symposium on the theme of “Energy Solutions – Made in Germany“. emutec® was invited along with other selected German companies to attend the conference on the 20th of September in Singapore.

This Southeast Asian city-state is known for its economic leadership role in the ASEAN region and has now also declared it’s goal to take on a prominent role in the field of renewable energy on a global scale. In the context of the national energy policy, concrete objectives were defined. This includes in particular the improvement of energy efficiency, as well as the development of an energy industry with focus on clean energy. Singapore wants to position itself as a regional centre for solar technology, research, development and pilot projects to accelerate the development of energy-efficient solutions.

The national economic ministry for finance and energy has developed a program known as the “Energy Efficiency Export Initiative“, which promotes cooperation with selected industrialized, emerging and developing countries, and supports German providers abroad in market development and location. In addition to a long-standing and successful cooperation between Germany and Singapore, this concept promotes further intense cooperation, whereby the expertise of the German energy industry and engineering services are used as a basis.

emutec® has been part of the “Energy Efficiency Export Initiative” since the spring of 2016 and represents the interests of the ministry of economy and energy abroad and presents its services within the framework of the initiative “Energy Efficiency-Made in Germany”.

The introduction of the German participants and their products and services to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in buildings stood at the forefront of this several-day event from September 18-22 in Singapore. emutec® was represented at this event by the international business development manager, Stefan Herde as well as Mr. Ong Eng Tong, an emutec® representative in Sinapore, and was able to present its services to a select audience.

emutec® was also able to make use of many individual meetings in order to introduce special solutions and reference projects. In numerous discussions with other engineering firms, development companies, construction companies, architects and also the local authorities, the great interest in solar-based solutions in the field of climate technology was made very clear, since approximately 60% of the energy in buildings is used for air conditioning. Through the targeted use of absorption chillers, incorporating solar technology, a large potential for improving energy efficiency is made possible.

The participation on this business trip is yet another successful step on the road to the international development of emutec. On the basis of  many linked contacts, emutec® will continue to position itself in Singapore and the region through participation in local pilot projects and selected partnerships.

Further information as to international business development and contact information:

Stefan Herde
International Business Development