28. April 2020

New Energy Concepts for South Africa

RENAC as well as the “Energy Efficiency Export Initiative” organised an exchange of information on the subject of „Energy efficiency in industry and commerce in South Africa“ in Berlin. The need for energy-efficient solutions in South Africa is particularly pronounced due to the currently very high price of electricity, as well as frequent outages which still affect the electricity market. New concepts for local and independent electricity production, also using renewable energy, are very important for South Africa in industry and trade. In addition to the testimonials of German entrepreneurs about their project developments, the managing director of the foreign trade office for South Africa, Mr. Hauser, reported on the local challenges and conditions. The DEG Bank informed as to possibly assisting in the financing of pilot projects and offered a broad alliance in entering the market.  

During the business development activities, emutec® made use of the possibilities for  exchange of experience and the making of contacts with potential local and German partners in order to review the business opportunities for emutec®.