28. April 2020

The emutec GROUP designs a new charging infrastructure for the Hamburg railway’s electric buses

Equipped with answers to the questions of a new era. Infrastructure planning for e-mobility.

The topic of electromobility is gaining importance in today’s world. In the course of this future-oriented rethinking, the Hamburg-based railway company is currently creating one of the largest european projects for charging infrastructure with the new construction of the „Triangular Junction“ in Alsterdorf. This is a Bus depot which will cover a part of the charging infrastructure for the railway’s future Elektrobus fleet.

Certified engineers of the EMUTEC ® group are currently developing the energy technology and charging infrastructure for the first building phase, which will allow 48 Elektrobuses to charge their batteries at the same time with up to 150 kw. The electric buses will be supplied through the charging cables hanging from the carport ceiling. The associated technology is in a so-called „technical headquarters“ on the second level. The carport roofs themselves will be greened.

In the last development phase, the railway will provide charging infrastructure for a total of 240 buses at the „Triangular Junction“.


Other tasks of the Emutec ® group include the development of a medium-voltage protection concept as well as the development for an energy centre with medium and low voltage technology and charging units.

The protection concept is developed for the entire property network and includes the delivery station of the 110 kV side as well as the 20 kV distribution for the entire Bus depot. The power supply is ensured by means of meshed structures and an alternate supply system. For this there will be an initial redundant connection power of 25 mva.

The conception of the energy center will be achieved by 3D design on the roof of the first carport.

As a result, various challenges can be achieved, such as:

An extensive fire protection technical evaluation
The development of a network protection concept for all charging units
Non-discriminatory development for vendor-neutral tendering
A route design for guiding the required cables

Another goal is to supply the approx. 8 MVA installed power per carport via four transformers. The bus depot is working on the integration and development of the electronic bus depot management System (EBMS).

Currently, the cooperation between the railway and the Emutec ® group includes a joint development of operational technology solutions for maintenance scenarios, internal switching options, etc. This is where the experience of the engineering company and the client come together in order to develop a project that has never existed like this before. The railway has long been operating island systems in the field of charging technology and knows what is important in the operation. Through the design and tendering experienced engineers of the Emutec ® group, the project is also to be brought forward in the field of network technology.

About the project: Https://www.hochbahn.de/hochbahn/hamburg/de/Home/Naechster_Halt/Ausbau_und_Projekte/neuer%20betriebshof%20gleisdreieck