Development of a pilot project for a shopping center in Northern Germany

Within the framework of a pilot project, emutec and BeeBryte are currently developing a technical solution for a property in Northern Germany (shopping center), in which the entire current energy consumption can be monitored “more intelligently” and “more cost-effectively” by using artificial intelligence (AI). In continuous intervals, a total of up to 6000 data points from the building and from the building technology are to be used and evaluated in such a way that conclusions about possible technical problems, incorrect use or other causes can be compared with the “normal” operating state of the property. Possible fluctuations in energy consumption within the operating process must be evaluated by the software, taking into account the given possible “normal boundary conditions” (e.g. weekday, season, times, temperature data, weather conditions, etc.). If the “intelligent” evaluation indicates that a technical problem exists, a corresponding message to the facility management is generated and further measures are taken directly to solve the problem. If a possible deviation in energy consumption lies within a “typical and normal consumption” for that particular day, no further measures are necessary.

By using an intelligent system that combines building energy technology and the “use” of a building, technical problems can not only be identified and localized faster and more economically, but also inefficiencies and other weaknesses can be detected.
Targeted measures in the field of energy technology can thus also improve the overall energy efficiency of a building.

If you are also interested in conducting a pilot project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For further information, please contact the following people

Mr. Marcus Ebeling | Project Manager / Branch Manager, Stuttgart
Mr. Stefan Herde | Business Development / Head of Innovation, Hamburg
Mrs. Manon Dirand | Head of Sales / Head of Marketing, Lyon, France